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Community Leaders Join Lyndy’s Campaign

Prominent community and business leaders from across Wichita believe Lyndy is Wichita’s best choice for mayor and are helping to make it happen by creating our campaign’s Finance Team.

These local leaders recognize that now is a critical time for new leadership in Wichita to drive the city forward and know Lyndy is a leader who will support a culture of entrepreneurship and life-long learning.

We need a leader who will listen to people across the city as we build a Wichita that will thrive in the 21st Century.

Lyndy for Mayor Finance Team

  • Suzie Ahlstrand (Chair)
  • Aaron Bastian
  • Allison Grace (Treasurer)
  • C.R. Hall
  • Ben Hutton
  • Tom Kruse
  • Doug Malone
  • Matt Michaelis
  • Jon Rolph
  • Fmr. County Commissioner Dave Unruh
  • Sheryl Wohlford

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Why I’m Running

Lyndy Wells’ June 3rd announcement on his candidacy for Wichita Mayor

I love Wichita and am proud of the progress of self-confidence and pride that has resulted from the work of many. I also believe we are at a critical time where we need to come together to make some tough decisions for the future of our community. My vision is a Wichita united around our shared desire to see each other and our community thrive – achieving the dreams of a city we are excited to pass on to our children.

It’s clear from the number of candidates seeking this office that change from the status quo is needed. I heard this message loudly in listening sessions over the last few months. Many have expressed a need for greater transparency from our city government and to bring the work of our tax dollars into the public view. I believe transparency is a fundamental expectation of any public servant, whether at the local, state or national level. It’s not a vision but a daily practice that citizens should expect from their elected officials. I pledge to uphold that value as Mayor.

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One of the most urgent issues we must address in Wichita is the increasing mental health and substance abuse needs. We’ve seen the heart-wrenching headlines, heard the challenges in our schools, and learned how our health providers struggle to meet increasing demands for care. Unfortunately, this affects every district in our city – every neighborhood, every school, our workplaces, and our friends and family members. It is affecting children and families in unimaginable and devastating ways, and much too often.

A recent article in the newspaper about the growing mental health issue reinforced what I knew too well from my time working on the Ascension Via Christi Health Board and the board for Prairie View, a local mental health center. Sheriff Jeff Easter, District Attorney Marc Bennet, WPD Chief Gordon Ramsay and Superintendent Alicia Thompson, made it clear to me what is most important in leading our city. The Wichita Mayor should be standing with these bold leaders on this critical issue. We can’t keep thinking that someone else will bring us solutions. We need to protect our children, change the staggering suicide statistics, minimize the difficult situations our public safety responders must face, and leverage our investments for a long-term solution for Wichita. We can’t just continue to sit back and wait – these issues are costly in so many ways.

To be a city of choice for individuals and businesses, we need to create ways to move forward rather than sideways with jobs. I’ve been fortunate to be part of efforts to help attract businesses and invest in workforce training to meet industry needs. It’s critical for the City leadership to articulate a clear vision to compete for and sustain business sectors and a diverse workforce, and to create the environment to make that happen. It will take a long-term plan and commitment rather than considering short-term projects or deals.

Education is valued highly by most people with whom I have met. Our children represent our future and we must support our educators at all levels, from pre-kindergarten through their careers. Although not the direct responsibility of the City, a safe and secure environment for our schools and our children is essential. Education is at the root of all economic development efforts and is the foundation of a robust economy.

And finally, what I bring to City Hall as Mayor is to make it about service not politics. As non-partisan elected city officials, our constituents deserve to trust that their public servants will choose the best interest of the community over political ambitions or favors for a small few.

I’m not looking to be a career politician but to continue my community service to my city. I know many Wichitans are looking for a change, and I’m committed to being fair, inclusive and to lead in a way that will make more people want to make Wichita their home for years to come.

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