A focus on real progress for Wichita

  • Development that keeps processes fair and open to the public
  • Prioritizing roads and public safety in Wichita neighborhoods
  • Improving life-long education to support our economy

Wichita’s Economic Future

As a lifelong community banker, economic development has been something that I have practiced over and over and over again. I’ve had the privilege of leading efforts here in Wichita and Sedgwick County for economic development initiatives.

There is no single answer. There is no silver bullet for creating jobs. It is critically important that we consider all alternatives. We should use incentives that are available when they are appropriate. We don’t need incentives to provide equity to fund a development. The developer is the one who needs to take the financial risk, not the city and the taxpayers.

Crime and Safety

As I talked with the Police Chief and the Fraternal Order of Police and others, the consensus was that the root cause of crime in our community relates to significant behavioral, mental health and substance abuse problems.

The jail is the largest mental health treatment facility that we have in our community. That is not the responsibility of the jail. We have to figure out how we can collectively wrap our arms around the basic problem of how to work together to solve this issue. It creates homelessness and violent crime.

Our police department is underfunded. We don’t have active community policing because we’re spread too thin. We are not as proactive in addressing these issues as we should.

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